Dice Reveals Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta Release Date

Tired of waiting to enter the dystopian city of Glass? Sweet, so are we. Which is why we’re super-glad that Dice has finally revealed the release date of the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta.

Gamers have been drip-fed a pretty steady stream of info over the last few weeks, including hints about some multiplayer ‘social element’. Now that’s divided fans, some of whom kinda dig the whole solo experience of the 2008 original.

Still, the Mirror’s Edge Closed Beta will go live on April 22nd-26th. That’s five whole days of free-running, parkour, gunplay and melee combat. What more could you ask for?


Faith looks about as impressed with the inclusion of multiplayer as some of her fans.

News of the closed beta was confirmed by Erik Odeldahl, the game’s Design Director, over on the official site.

Odeldahl’s been pretty busy with marketing Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, most recently by taking over EA’s UK Twitter account in order to promote the game’s upcoming release.

It was during that time that he also opened up about a few other aspects of the game, including new gadgets that will help protagonist and free-runner extraordinaire Faith Connors reach new areas of the map.

Codes for the closed beta will be emailed to those lucky enough to have been selected between April 22nd and April 23rd.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is released in North America on May 24th, and on May 26th in Europe, for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Will you be fighting oppression in the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst closed beta? Let us know your impressions once it’s live by dropping us a line on Twitter.


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