ARK: Survival Evolved Opens Up Official Mod Program on Xbox One

You’re gonna need a bigger island.

This is the news Xbox One fans of Studio Wildcard’s ARK: Survival Evolved have been waiting for. Having sold over one million copies to Xboxers alone, the developers are looking to seriously celebrate – with the launch of an official mod program.

The best community maps and mods will be up for consideration to become a part of the main game. Ok, consideration is a sleazy, lawyerly like word here – so don’t expect fortune and glory just yet – but they’re already bringing one piece of community-created content to the game next month.

The Center, designed by Ben Burkart, is…

An over-the-top, fantasy-themed map that doubles the size of the current game and is more varied than the original ARK map, with tons of new biomes, dungeons, floating islands, end-of-the-world waterfalls, massive ancient ruins, along with other wonders to explore and secrets to find. Drawn completely by hand without any auto-generated content, The Center is a massive increase in the game’s official playable content and is free to both PC and Xbox One players.

This will be followed up during the summer by Primitive Plus, which, well, makes the world more primitive. Meaning no guns. Just wood and stone for you. What more do you need to survive?

Ark Survival Evolved Primitive Plus Beach

Community mods in console games isn’t exactly new. We’ve seen this before, notably Left 4 Dead 2’s Cold Stream campaign, and Fallout 4 was sold on the promise of mod support on consoles.

But with ARK joining the list, we could be seeing a small acorn growing into a giant great carnivorous tree that’s trying to kill you, just like everything else in ARK. Or just the beginnings of a console modding community?

ARK: Survival Evolved launches as a full game at the end of this year, after literally forever (Or since June 2015) in real, actual beta testing.

What will you create for the community? Tell us your latest hare-brained scheme or genius doodles at Twitter and Facebook.


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