Games with Gold – May 2016 | Reviews

Want to know whether May’s Games with Gold offerings are worth taking up space on your hard drive? Check out the gamespulp speed-run reviews to decide.


Xbox One Games with Gold

Defense Grid 2 (May 1-31st)

What’s it all about? Classic tower defence game set in space. Players must fend off waves of aliens using a variety of different and upgraded towers.

Worth a download? If you dig on this genre, Defense Grid 2 is one of the best out there.


Costume Quest 2 (May 16-June 15th)

What’s it all about? Cartoonish RPG with a Nintendo-esque art style, in which two brothers fight monsters on Halloween.

Worth a download? Absolutely. It’s a short game, but wholly enjoyable. This is a treat, not a trick.


Xbox 360 Games with Gold

Grid 2 (May 1-15th)

What’s it all about? Cars. Racetracks. Few surprises (Except that one tricky bend on that one track…). If you’re a racer, you know what to expect.

Worth a download? There are better, more competent racing games out there, but you could do a lot worse if your library is running out of steam.


Peggle (May 16-31st)

What’s it all about? Hi-score puzzler built for casual gamers. Shoot pegs with balls, get rewarded. Rinse and repeat – in a good way.

Worth a download? Chances are, if you’re a fan of these games, you’ve already bought Peggle, or at least played it. If not, give it a quick bash if you want a mobile game on your console.

Gonna grab any of these? Tell us your favourites over at the gamespulp Twitter and Facebook.


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