Hand Drawn and Quartered: Don’t Kill Her Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Murder has never looked so sweet than in Don’t Kill Her. Now the indie game is seeking your support with an Indiegogo and Greenlight campaign to bring the game to players on PC and Mac.

Don’t Kill Her, from indie dev Wuthrer, is a cutesy, quirky little platformer game with one major difference: You play as a murderer. So not one for the kids then.

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Don't Kill Her Wuthrer Indie Hand Drawn

In fact, in a press release, the dev stated that…

She will constantly remind you that you are Her killer. She is the mother of all creation in this weird universe, the force behind every action and being. Hence when She accuses you of her slow and agonizing death, you have no choice but to take Her seriously.

So, pretty damning stuff (It almost reminds gamespulp of Kafka’s The Trial, since we don’t know why we’re being accused, and we don’t even know who we’re being accused by!). And that’s the real hook of the Don’t Kill Her’s narrative – the mystery behind it all. It’s a what-the-hell-is-going-on game, as you deal with your relationship with the mysterious Her as well as your own guilt.

But what really separates Don’t Kill Her from other indie games is that everything you see – from the upside-down Pig-men to those complex backgrounds –is hand drawn. The game’s being billed as a daydream, and the screenshots definitely have a dreamy atmosphere, although whether it’s a nightmare or not, it’s difficult to say. For some reason, we were reminded of time-bending indie game Winterbottom, although Don’t Kill Her seems far, far darker, despite, or because of, its Ralph Steadman-like doodles.

Don't Kill Her Indie Wuthrer Hand DrawnDon't Kill Her Wuthrer Indie Platformer Hand Drawn

Gamespulp love games that show a bit more creativity than your average game, particularly indie games. And so we’re definitely adding Don’t Kill Her to our ever-growing pile of indie games (Beyond Eyes, Contrast, Lifeless Planet) that offer something we don’t often see or feel from the comfort of the gaming chair.

If you want to show ‘her’ support, head over to Wuthrer’s official site for full details. This is one mystery we’re looking forward to unravelling.

The question is, with a title like that, will you kill Her? Give us your motives and alibis over on Facebook and Twitter.


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