Windows 10 Crashes Pro-Gamer’s Twitch Stream (But Should We Care?)

Christ, they’ll publish anything these days.

So you’ve seen news reported all over the shop about the pro-gamer whose Twitch stream was interrupted by the Windows 10 update. There he was, showing off some sick streaks in Counter Strike: Global Offensive when – kaput.

But this wasn’t a stream like the sort mere mortals like us do: 5 viewers watching that really old game you’re actually pretty good at now and then. Erik ‘fl0m’ Flom was nearly nine hours into a broadcast to 130,000 viewers. Now that’s a hefty number. That’s approximately more than the entire audience of FireFly (sniff, etc.), and the exact number of people that can fit on a single-decker bus at the height of rush hour.

Twithc fl0m Counter Strike Global Offensive Windows 10

And then suddenly everyone was running the story. Pro fl0m laughed and looked embarrassed. The internet lol’d. Reputable newspapers (and not-so-reputable newspapers) ran with the story. It’s funny, but surely gamespulp wasn’t the only one thinking…So?

Who gives a shit?

That Windows 10 nag screen is a major bummer, for sure. And ruining someone’s stream is poor sportsmanship. Poor bastard deserved better. But is this news? Why was it featured far and wide? What the fuck is up with that? It’s news the way that one ‘celeb’ off that one reality TV show did that one thing that one time.

Gamers are desperate to have their hobby/pastime/job taken seriously – that’s a cause gamespulp is totally backs – but in an effort to cover gaming in the same way other sports are covered (Gasp! Footballer not playing football!) we’re just scraping the barrel with throwaway tales.

It’s the precise opposite of the ‘Killer Played Call of Duty and GTA’ story that kinda sorta makes the the gaming world look like total tits. Mildly amusing for gamers and non-gamers alike, but unlikely to catch the attention of non-gamers looking for a reason to sit up and take notice of our glorious and forever harmonious occasionally fractious community.

Daily Mail The Sun Video Games Evil Ban Censorship Over the Top

Pictured: Reasoned debate

Think of all the stories that could’ve been picked up by sites and papers. All the wonder and joy in gaming we could’ve seen. Shenmue 3 finally becoming ‘a thing’, that’s the sort of news we should be pushing. That’s got everything a great story should have. The underdog, the support of a community, the exotic locales, the ground-breaking tech (We hope, anyway).

So, it’s pretty cool that finally the medium is being covered by the press, but at the same time… should we really care?

Agree or disagree? Are we just talking out of our arse? Twitch stream gone down and you’re looking for something to do? Head over to the gamespulp Twitter and Facebook and say words.


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