Games with Gold – June 2016 | Speed Reviews

Intrigued by this month’s Games with Gold offerings? Still not convinced that any of them deserve a place on your hard drive? That’s why the dark lord created the gamespulp speed-run review…

Xbox One Games with Gold

Goat Simulator (June 1-30th)

What’s it all about? Barmy physics-based adventure game in which you play as a destructive, psychotic goat. Do as much damage as you can. As a goat. Did we mention you play as a goat?

Worth a download? Why not. Because, y’know, you play as a fucking goat.

The Crew (June 16-July 15th)

What’s it all about? Basic driving game, filled with obnoxious characters with bad hair. Cars handle like a dream – if it was a very, very bad dream that leaves you waking up screaming.

Worth a download? If you own absolutely any other driving game, play that instead.

Xbox 360 Games with Gold

Super Meat Boy (June 1-15th)

What’s it all about? Uber-tough platformer that requires skill, control, adept timing and the patience of a saint. Because you will die. Over and over.

Worth a download? Yes. We can’t emphasise that enough, but we’ll try: YES.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (June 16-30th)

What’s it all about? Turn-based tactical game that sees your soldiers take on an alien threat, one move at a time.

Worth a download? The XCOM games are always worth a bash, and if you’ve never played these sorts of games before, this is a fine one to start your turn-based alien-bashing career.

Gonna hit install on any of June’s Games with Gold? Let us know how you get on over at the gamespulp Twitter and Facebook.


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