Take Aim: Hitman’s Third Elusive Target Arrives in Sapienza Wednesday

Fans of IO Interactive’s episodic Hitman, steel yourselves. Your next elusive target will be in your sights this Wednesday. This time gamers will be tasked with taking out a prince in Hitman’s second map: the delightful coastal town of Sapienza.

hitman elusive target io interactive prince sapienza

As with the previous two elusive targets, you get one shot – or stab, or garrotte, or… – at taking out your prey. Just to make things really difficult, your victim won’t appear using your detective vision hitman instincts, so you’ll have to pick up intelligence from the locals to locate and kill the walking corpse.

Elusive targets not only add a little more difficulty and drama, as well as providing the hitman wish fulfilment; slaughter give it the bastards and you’ll be able to unlock in-game goodies. Well worth killing someone over. Each one is specially created for the one-off missions, including a back-story that explains their presence under Agent 47’s keen but ultimately dead eyes.

Silence those pistols, it all kicks off in Sapienza on Wednesday 8th June (6am PDT, 3pm CEST). No second chances.

Will you be gunning for Hitman’s third Elusive Target? Or do you have a more cunning plan in mind? For all alibi requests contact us in Twitter and Facebook.


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