EA Press Conference – E3 2016

22:07Conclusion: No real surprises from EA here. BF1 looks great, and EA Originals could will be one to watch. Nothing to say about Mass Effect, and sportsballs continue as per.

22:06 – That’s the end of the show. Now for an hour of BF1 gameplay.

22:04 – Back to London. For no apparent reason. And back to LA.

22:03 – More from the BF1 trailer. If even half of this is actual gameplay, it could be truly impressive. Twitch viewers thinking this is the COD killer.

22:01 – Sod the dynamic weather system, we get to ride blimps. Epic!

22:00 – We’re about to see some gameplay soon. Shame the announcer is an annoying prick. His wife probably wishes he was dead.

21:58 – In-game footage for BF1 looks incredible. Bit too clean though. War’s a dirty business, EA.

21:57 – EA have saved Battlefield 1 ’til last. No surprise really.

21:55 – Vox pops with devs: Turns out Star Wars had an incredible impact on those guys working on Star Wars games. Who’d have thought it?

21:52 – Battlefront 2 coming, they’ve listened to gamers, apparently. In 2018 we’ll get a new Star Wars adventure. She just couldn’t resist throwing in a Star Wars pun though, could she? May the fuck be with you.

21:51 – Star Wars time. Will they be giving us a reason to actually play Battlefront?

21:50 – There is one word for Fe: Charming.

21:48 – Concept art looks great for Fe, now beginning to look like Ori too.

21:46 – First EA Originals game will be called Fe, from a 20-man team in Sweden. Reminds us of Never Alone.

21:44 – Following up Fifa with Unravel. Leads to EA Originals – EA trying to help out small developers. Will almost certainly buy them out after a while, like all the rest.

21:42 – In case you’re still wondering, yes, they are still talking about football. Please look interested.

21:40 – Classic awkward scripted moment. Hope you’re drinking enough to wipe that memory. Wish they’d stuck with that ‘Jose is silent’ gag.

21:39 – LOLZ, etc. Jose Mourhino takes to the stage in a mildly amusing cameo. Literally saying nothing.

21:36 – Are they adding an underdog story to Fifa? And why was Alex Hunter a better actor in game than when he just appeared in stage?

21:34 – Some theatrical chap pretending he’s an unknown footballer on stage. Who wrote this shit? Feel bad for this Alex Hunter guy – he could’ve made it, y’know.

21:34 – Back to sports. Fifa now. Nice montage of old Fifa games compared to now. Ah, memories. EA Sports – it’s in the game.

21:32 – Reveal of Play to Give (a spin on the Play to Live tagline). In-game challenges = charitable donations. Great idea. Example, help a Battlefield 4 team member or save some Star Wars character and it’ll add up to…money! Not sure how this will work. But definitely a great concept.

21:30 – Back to the host reeling off a list of EA games. This is the marketing/financial bit. You can grab a coffee at this point (or something stronger).

21:28 – Mass Effect Andromeda trailer is more of a ‘How we made this game’ vid with extra voice over. What little of the game we can see looks grand. But not jaw-dropping.. yet.

21:27 – Enter Bioware. Now we can deal with what really matters: Pissing about in space, killing and fucking aliens and humans in every way imaginable. +1 Renegade.

21:26 – EA starting a Madden Championship. And even more competitive events for tons of games. This is their big deal.

21:25 – The 8 best players of Madden are on the stage. Our money’s on the guy in the sling.

21:21 – EA taking new approach to eSports, attempting to reach everyone. That’s a pretty big ask. There will be three types of competitions. Challenger (for smaller folks setting up their own comps), Players, which is slightly bigger, and EA Major for the big guns. Expect this to be linked to Microsoft’s new eSports platform.

21:20 – Yawn. Sportsball shit. Not sure who won. Does anyone care? Naturally we’ve cut to England to discuss American football. Nice job, EA. #Logic

21:17 – Trailer reveals protagonist will be Jack Cooper. Wow. Really pushing the boat out with those all-American hero names. Could’ve only been worse if he was called Penis McSteel. Released October 28th.

21:16 – 6 new titans coming, with more customisation and combat features. And yes, single player is confirmed.

21:14 – Titanfall 2 could very well build on the original here. Looks similar, but more fluid somehow.

21:13 – Vince Zampella of Titanfall takes to the stage. Confirms what we knew – it’s coming to PS4 too.

21:12 – They’re going to be livestreaming 64-player  Battlefield 1 MP after the show. Now that could be good!

21:11 – Blah blah blah. Second location in London. Are we supposed to be impressed with satellite communication in the 21st century? …Also, that was short-lived.

21:09 – Yep, definitely not an annoying intro. At all.

21:08 – It starts!

21:06 – Seen on Titch: Battlefield 1 will be released before this stream starts.’

21:04 – Four minutes overdue. What’s wrong with you, EA?


We’ll be covering everything from EA’s E3 2016 press conference as it happens right here and over on the gamespulp Twitter.

You can catch EA’s livestream on Youtube and Twitch.



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