Microsoft Xbox Press Conference – E3 2016

We’ll be covering everything from Microsoft’s E3 2016 press conference as it happens right here and over on the gamespulp Twitter.

You can watch the livestream on Twitch, YouTube, at and on your Xbox.

19:01 – Conclusion: A solid offering from Microsoft. Not many surprises on the games front, but what we saw looked fantastic. But E3’s not about the games this year – all talk will be dominated by Xbox’s two new consoles, designed to go ‘beyond generations’.

19:01 – Also, how badass does ‘Project Scorpio’ sound?

19:00 – And that’s a wrap. Don’t buy an Xbox One, guys! Scorpio releases next year; devs encouraged to start on it now.

18:58 – Spencer says the Scorpio will be the most powerful console ever shipped. Clearly never owned a Gameboy Color. Xbox One, Xbox One S and Scorpio will be compatible. Phil says ‘nobody will get left behind.’

18:57 – This is ‘the we listen’ console. Everything will work on Xbox One and… Project Scorpio confirmed.

18:56 – It’s all about power, hi-res. ‘No compromises’ says one talking head. Blah blah technicals. We get it, we’ll argue about this shit in the comments of Eurogamer. Crack on with the show.

18:55 – Phil reckons 4K is an absolute must (’cause his mates said so).

18:53 – Spencer announces the Play Anywhere program: Buy for Xbox, play on PC. And vice versa. For VR and mobile too. It’s all about an inclusive gaming community where you can (thanks, marketing dept.) ‘play your way.’

18:53 – Was it really 15 years since the original Xbox? GTFO. …Still can’t remember what games we played on that beast.

18:52 – Calm your boots – Phil Spencer’s back. #InPhilWeTrust

18:51 – Week-long Halo Wars 2 beta on Xbox One right now. But… what about the We Happy Few preview and free Limbo? Where will we find the time?

18:49 – It’s a nice trailer – except Halo trying to do the Gears of War trick with a slow, emotional song to highlight that war sucks. New villain coming to the game too.

18:48 – Another XO/WX exclusive – Halo Wars 2, by any chance?

18:47 – You want it to be Left 4 Dead 3, don’t you? It’s not. It’s State of Decay 2.

18:46 – Xbox One and Windows 10 Exclusive coming up…

18:44 – Can’t tell if they’ve pretending to voice the characters in this Sea of Thieves gameplay footage, or mocking the weird acted delivery of most people who talk while playing on the E3 stage.

18:42 – Yep, it’s Sea of Thieves, and it looks a lot darker than the initial teaser suggested. It’s ‘an emergent experience where you will have unlimited adventures’. Apparently.

18:41 – Looks like this could be Sea of Thieves from Rare. The start of a new era for the studio?

18:40 – Why do we keep cutting away from the gameplay to watch it on the screen behind the devs? It’s like watching a Youtube video from 20ft away.

18:38 – This game is designed to wow. So please ‘wow’ when you play it. Enemies are absolutely huge. Suspect it’ll take more than the classic Nintendo three-strikes-down with this boss.

18:37 – Scalebound reminds us of an edgier version of FF15.

18:35 – Scalebound up now, as part of the Microsoft Studios section. Unleash those mother-lovin’ dragons.

18:34 – Something we’re glad to hear: Microsoft supporting games with unique narratives.

18:33 – Dead Rising 4 doesn’t seem a million miles from Dead Rising 3 (which we enjoyed). Except, there’s more snow and ironic Christmas music in #4.

18:32 – Dead Rising’s Frank West is back. Also, he uses a Windows Phone.

18:31 – LOLZ, etc. Just kidding – it’s Tekken 7. And you can grab Tekken Tag Tournament for free too.

18:29 – Hey, look, another fighting game. I wonder if there’s an option to just make peace.

18:25 – We love it when developers are so inspired and just happy to be showcasing their games. This chap from CD Projekt Red is great. Fucking loves it, he does.

18:24 – Well done, Witcher fans, you fucked about with a mini-game for so long that they’re going to release a full game on it.

18:23 – We Happy Few will be on Xbox One Preview on July 26th

18:22 – That pinata joke was really well-timed. Sets the tone for the whole nightmarish game.

18:20 – And the game has real, actual British accents.

18:19 – Compulsion Game’s We Happy Few appears just as disturbing as the dystopian premise suggests. Now take your fucking Joy, man.

18:18 – More games you’ll probably not play for long are coming to Xbox One Preview. But you should.

18:17 – Aaaaaand there’s Cuphead. Again. Still.

18:16 – Some fucker rubbing it in that he plays video games for a living. Also, Inside looks amazing. And Limbo’s free on Xbox One. Go get it. After this montage section.

18@14 – Bleak trailer from the creators of Limbo. But Inside does look intriguing.

18:12 – Girl makes nice shot. Guy says, ‘Nice shot.’ That’s not how it happens in Call of Duty. Why is that?

18:10 – VR really lacks something when, you know, you’re not wearing VR. Also, John sounds like a total cock while he was reading ‘nice dragon’ from the script. Was it really that tough to memorise and emote?

18:08 – More cross-play, this time Minecraft will ‘unite their community’. Then some girl calls it ‘the most friendly update ever’. Nice work, you hateful optimistic person. That’s not how humans talk.

18:07 – Clubs on Xbox, as predicted, marries Microsoft and EA’s eSport ambitions.

18:05 – Looking for Group on Xbox – that’ll make teaming up with shouty kids so much easier.

18:04 – Background music. Language region choice. And, of course, Cortana. All due in the coming months. Apparently.

18:03 – Mike ‘Awesome’ Ybarra on stage now. He’s praising the work Microsoft’s done to connect gamers.

18:00 – Time to see more of Battlefield 1, as if yesterday wasn’t enough for you, you greedy fucks. Those poor bastards in the trenches were never that greedy.

17:59 – From shiny , to the randomly generated missions of The Division’s Underground DLC. Quick blitz, nothing in-game. Ah, that’s more like it, E3. Don’t show us what we’ll really get.

17:56 – FF15 is going full-on epic here.

17:56 – Dude basically apologises for the game, then goes on to tell us how unique it is. Nice work, Marketing Department.

17:54 – Square taking to the stage to show us… First demo on Xbox One of… Final Fantasy XV.

17:53 – ReCore’s up now, mixing game graphics with comic-book style artwork for one of the most hypnotic trailers we’ve seen for a while.

17:52 – Look out for Froza on September 27th, if that’s your bag.

17:51 – In fairness. the ease of getting into that multiplayer game did look amazingly slick. And yes, this too has cross-play.

17:49 – Something something car something engine. Forza Horizon 3 does look impressive, but when are the demo players going to start running over little old ladies?

17:46 – Forza, while looking pretty, has tried to trick us by first showing the beautiful Australian landscape. Hopes for Ozzie Red Dead dashed.

17:45 – Killer Instinct grabbing some spotlight, with the General Raam character. Still no word on Spyro.

17:44 – …Followed by a plug for a Gears-themed controller. It looks…red.

17:43 – Trailer ends with a cameo from an elderly Marcus. Possibilities are endless.

17:42 – Wow. Someone’s showing us actual games. And gameplay. At a games expo. What happened to upscaled teaser trailers? Is this E3?

17:40 – We’ve always wanted a gun that fires saw blades. But then, who hasn’t put that shit on their Christmas list?

17:38 – Actually, strike that. Looks way too shiny. Needs more grit and grain.

17:37 – New glimpse at Gears 4 gameplay. Looks…Gearsy.

17:35 – The Coalition’s Rod Fergusson intros Gears 4. Will work across Xbox and PC, supporting cross-play. Didn’t expect that. probably should’ve.

17:34 – Xbox One S confirmed. Priced from $299.99

17:32 – Why piss about, MMicrosoft. We know the Xbox One S is coming… They’re showing off all the upcoming highlights, and front and centre is the new console.

17:31 – Phil Spencer kicks it off with a brief but sincere condolence to the victims of the Orlando shootings… So will probably show footage of Battlefield 1. Makes sense.

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