Games with Gold – July 2016 | Speed Reviews

So Microsoft has released the list of Games with Gold for July – and one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make –bigger and far more important than the Presidential Election and the EU Referendum put together – is whether to even bother downloading them. So as usual, let gamespulp give you the honest low-down on these games…

Xbox One Games with Gold

The Banner Saga 2 (July1-31st)

What’s it all about? Everyone wants to be a Viking, right? Well, here’s a strategy game about just that. Combat, crew management, and real, game-changing choices to be made. It’s a seriously tight olde worlde, too, that doesn’t overwhelm you with fantastical lore and literature.

Worth a download? Definitely. Even if strategy isn’t a genre you’re normally into, you’d be surprised how engaging The Banner Saga 2 is.

Tumblestone (July 16-August 15th)

What’s it all about? Puzzles. Tumblestone is a match-3 game

Claiming to be unique and creative and full of action, it’s as if, the devs are pitching it as something of a cross between Tetris and Portal. It’s a nice idea. But at the end of the day, it’s still a matching game. The inclusion of multiplayer and co-op adds to the proceedings, and there’s a clear sign of intelligence compared to the shallow King of the genre, Candy Crush Saga.

Worth a download? Holy hell – to free games that are worth a download?! Yes, download it – you probably won’t play it for long, but it’s a nice, clever distraction.


Xbox 360 Games with Gold

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (July 1-15th)

What’s it all about? It’s Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, not William Shakespeare’s Rainbow Six. So expect heavy firepower, missions involving the mass-murder of terrorists, and serious men saying serious stuff in serious voices. It’s not a bad game, but it all feels bit clunky these days; the team’s showing its age and should probably consider retirement.

Worth a download? Maybe once upon a time, but there are much better in the genre now.

Tron: Evolution (July 16-31st)

What’s it all about? Racing, of course. Because that’s all anyone remembers from the movies this game is based on (actually, it’s a prequel to that well-loved classic, Tron: Legacy). Sure, it looks very Tron-like, so fans of the films will probably dig on it, but there’s not really much here except for the festering, skeletal corpse of nostalgia.

Worth a download? LOL.

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