7 Things Every Gamer Says

Be honest, if you’ve never said any of these, you’ve probably never played a game in your life.

‘Just one more game…’

Mortal Kombat Fatality Gamer Player Culture

Because you can’t end the evening on a loss, right?

‘Why didn’t he die first?’

Call of Duty Multiplayer Gamer Player Culture

All your bullets were super-accurate; his was just one lucky shot. Or…

‘Must be lag-switching.’

Call of Duty Multiplayer Gamer Player Culture

We don’t really know how it works, but we know it when we see it.

‘I don’t even know what to play.’

Super Mario Bros. Mystery Question Block Box Gamer Player Culture

And the pile of shame continues to grow.

‘I’ve been everywhere. There’s nowhere to go.’

Simon's Quest Castlevania Gamer Player Culture

Except that one place we didn’t check. Hey, being lost is fun!

‘Just let me get to the next save point…’

Resident Evil Remastered TYpewriter Save Game Gamer Player Culture

Usually uttered when your mother/partner/prison cell-mate has requested that you enter slumberland.

‘Fuck. This. Game.’

Old School Video Game Gamer Player Culture

Hurling controller through screen optional.


What are your favourite gaming lines? Let us know over on our Facebook and Twitter.



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