Games with Gold – August 2016 | Speed Run Reviews

So after a leak from the magisterial @ekim_gaf, Major Nelson has confirmed the line-up for August’s Games with Gold. But are they worth playing, or even worth downloading? I always wonder whether they’re worth giving a bash, so let’s quickly investigate – because it’s that or catch another bloody Pidgey on Pokémon GO.

And you’ve still got time to grab July’s offerings, lucky sod, so check out those games right here.

Xbox One Games with Gold

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate (August 1st-31st)

What’s it all about? Hack and slash your way across the Three Kingdoms in this combat-heavy narrative that combines a bit of Dynasty Warriors with Samurai Warriors. Hell, that’s a lot of warriors coming out to play. Cue lots of characters taking things very seriously in a good-versus-evil battle the likes of which you’ve probably never seen before.

Worth a download? You know it must be good because it’s got the word Ultimate in, right? And that is always-always-always a mark of quality. This is kinda-sorta worth a go, and there’s a lot more to it than spamming combat moves.


WWE 2K16 (August 16th-September 15th)

What’s it all about? You know wrestling? Yeah, that. …Seriously, what more can I say?

Worth a download? If you like wrestling, but not if you love wrestling – it’s just not that good despite some solid gameplay tweaks. There’s bugger all here for anyone else. Except for that zany sci-fi shooter mini-game with George Bush and… Ok, not really. It’s just wrestling.


Xbox 360 Games with Gold

Spelunky (August 1st-15th)

What’s it all about? Indie platformer that sees you diving into caves and being all heroic (and pixelated). All the caves you’ll explore are procedurally generated,  so you’ll never know what sort of enemies you’ll come up against, or who you’ll have to save.

Worth a download? Yes – this is exactly how a modern 2D platformer should be. Procedurally generated environments add to the overall challenge, as well as giving it a whole extra level of replayability.


Beyond Good & Evil (August 16th-31st)

What’s it all about? One of the kings of action-adventure gaming, first released in 2003, before getting a HD makeover. You’ll play as feisty investigative Jade,, one of those photo-journalist resistance fighters tracking down a galactic conspiracy on a far-flung, European-inspired planet under military rule.

Worth a download? While it wasn’t a commercial smash, gamers love it. And you are a gamer, right, so…


Gonna hit install on any of August’s Games with Gold? Let us know which of these you most enjoy over at the gamespulp Twitter and Facebook feeds.


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