7 Lessons Learnt from Playing Indie Games (That Probably Prepare You for Real Life)

The indie games scene is one of the best training grounds a player has. Think of it like school – except, a school where there’s genuine passion and dedication and no bunking off PE because you can’t be arsed getting your face smashed in by that one kid who loves sports just a bit too much.

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It’s that pared down, back-to-basics sort of learning that puts you on the right path too playing bigger (though not always better) games. And playing indie games means you pick up a few truths. Truths like…

Spiders are terrifying

I’ve never been an arachnophobe. At least, not until precisely this point…

Limbo #indiedev #gamedev Indie Games Spider platformer

Still, it helped me get a grip on how to face down this nightmare…

Dark Souls Spider

Stick to the shadows

You’ll literally never get anywhere unless you do.

Contrast #indedev shadows

Hang on, you know who else stays in the shadows?

Assassin's Creed SYndicate shadows

 Never waste time

I only ever run out of three things in life: Coffee, cigarettes, and time. But this classic taught me not to waste the time I’m given.

Braid Game Mega Drive Watercolour Mechanics

So breaking quantums (I think that’s what it was all about?) was second nature.

Quantum Break time travel

No topic is too boring

Alright, it might feel like a job – without the psychotic boss – but I’d happily get paid to do this…

Papers Please job career

Which means that your work ethic is great when you do this…

SHenmue forklift truck driving racing work

Trust no-one

I don’t want to be a cynic. But I am. So don’t be trusting when it comes to, well, anyone really.

We Happy Few Wellington Wells Townspeople


[Spoiler(ish) alert]


That way you won’t be surprised when this happens…

Rise of the Tomb Raider betrayal

The world doesn’t make sense

But hey, why the hell should it?

Battleblock Theatre crazy mad world

Especially when this is your idea of smart-casual…

Sunset Overdrive weapons armour mad

You’re in control of your own life

Whether it’s crafting your own narrative…

Elegy for a Dead World narrative choice words

…or creating the world; what you do and how you do it is up to you.

Minecraft create world plane

Indie games are made with awesome amounts of passion, dedication, and, it turns out, a fair few life lessons. So what have they taught you? Pass on your knowledge over on gamespulp’s Twitter and Facebook.



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