Cortana Not Working on Xbox One? Here’s One Way to Solve That Problem

UPDATE: Xbox’s ‘Principal Software Development Lead Xbox One Shell Speech’ Zach Johnson suggests trying this first – this wasn’t gamespulp’s issue, but for some of you, this might be a little less extreme than what Xbox Support are suggesting…

(Seems this Tweet’s been deleted, but Zack basically said to check your settings first to ensure Cortana is voice-enabled with the right region, etc.)

Just got August’s Anniversary update on Xbox One but can’t seem to get Cortana to work? That’s cool – she’s probably just mad at you for staying out late with your mates and not calling.

Ok, not really – chances are, it’s a corrupted data issue.

Head over here for the Cortana Xbox One review

You might’ve noticed that she’ll hear you just fine when no-one’s signed in, but the moment your profile’s logged in, all she’ll say is that she’s ‘warming up’ and ‘listening’. Only, she won’t respond to a damn word you say.

This comes straight from Microsoft’s Tech chaps (i.e. gamespulp had to do this when the update went live). So here’s what you do…

We’re going to remove your account

I know, it’s a chilling thought, but since your profile’s stored in The Cloud, it’s risk-free.

  • From the home screen, press left and scroll down to settings
  • Hit ‘All settings’
  • Press ‘Remove Account’ and choose the profile you’re having issues with
  • Take a deep breath
  • Remove the account
  • Restart your console
  • Sign your account back in (and accept all those sign-in options again)
  • Say ‘Hey Cortana’
  • Agree to all those legal things you’ll never read
  • Cortana should now be up and running

Still having problems? You can chat to Xbox Support by clicking here (Ask for Jon B. He’s a delightful fella who knows his stuff).

Happy Anniversary!

Did this work for you? Let me know on gamespulp’s Twitter and Facebook feed.


10 thoughts on “Cortana Not Working on Xbox One? Here’s One Way to Solve That Problem

  1. I find that a hard reboot (press and hold the power button for ten seconds, then turn the Xbox back on) works for me every time. It just sucks that I have to hard-reboot about twice a week. Cortana is supposed to be this awesome flagship feature… you would think they would make sure it actually works.


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