We Happy Few – A Beginner’s Tips & Tricks Guide (Part 3: Stealth and Combat)

In We Happy Few, you’re a lone wolf doing what you can to blend in and survive. That means knowing when to fight and when to take flight. Whether you’re going to be getting into scrapes or doing your best to avoid them, here’s what we suggest. After all, you don’t want to end up like this Wellie…

Part One: Guide to the Basics

Part Two: Crafting

Just Don’t Fight

We Happy Few is primarily a stealth game – stealthing in plain sight, and using projectiles like one-time use rocks and glass bottles to distract opponents from their posts. So wherever possible, avoid getting into a ruck by taking the silent approach, crouching when trespassing and aiming for takedowns from behind when no-one’s looking. Better yet, attempt to sneak around enemies without engaging them at all. If you are on a stealth mission, have a care to wear sneakers that let you walk quietly. Just because you have a stabby pointy stick, doesn’t mean you have to use it.

Wear the Right Clothes

When you begin the game, you’ll start with a torn suit. That’s fine when bodding around the Downer-filled garden district, but venture into Wellington Wells and you’ll be set upon quicker than you can pop a Joy pill. To ensure you blending right in here, you’ll need to craft a proper suit (conversely, where a proper suit in the Wastrel world and you’ll have abuse hurled at you). Complete Johnny Bolton, Secret Agent quest-line, located at the tree house in the starting island, in order to unlock the blending suit. This suit will make you harder to spot – unless you get seen, in which case, it’ll enraged just about everybody who spots you. For maximum stealth efficiency, you can buy – or craft – a fab suit (35 sovereigns from the Wellington Wells store) which impresses everyone. Alternatively, if you’re launching into battle, prep up a padded suit that acts as armour.

Load Water, Food and Healing Balms into Quickslots

If you’re thirsty, hungry or tired, your stamina will be reduced. That means you won’t be able to throw as many punches or swing your melee weapon as many times before you have to let it recharge. Can’t do much about needing to sleep – unless you spend the rest of your lonely life in a safe house – but if it looks like you’re about to take a wallop, top up on food and drink to ensure you’re fighting fit. And, of course, keep healing balms made from Gilead leaves, to hand too. While sleeping does recharge your life meter, that’s a gradual process, and it’s easier to heal on the fly.

We Happy Few Compulsion Games Early Access Preview Xbox One PC Survival Simulator Bobbies

Don’t move. They can’t see you if you don’t move (probably).

Complete the Crazy Legs Quest

Side-note, since stamina is crazy important when it comes to combat: Complete the Crazy Legs quest – Where you kosh a runner over the head and loot his unconscious body in the Garden District – to retrieve the recipe for Dexipam Diet, which increases stamina for a short period of time. Which you’ll need to battle or, more likely, run like the dickens.

Fist Fight One-on-One

If you’re going toe-to-toe with just one deranged Wellie, there’s no point breaking your weapon’s limited durability when a knuckle sandwich will do just fine. You can push opponents back (R-stick), block (LT) and attack (RT) – rather than blindly punching, use all of these to your advantage. It’s when you’re taking damage from a group that you’ll run into trouble, and a weapon with a nice arc will be vital to your success.

Unlock the Double Knocker

When you start the game, weaponry is restricted. A branch, rocks, a flimsy cricket bat if you’re lucky. None of these are going to be much cop in the long run. Base weapons like the shovel offer dangerously poor damage while requiring vast amounts of stamina. Early on in the game, you’ll be able to craft the double-knocker from a branch, a couple of rocks and some duct tape – all of which are plentiful. It might need a fair amount of stamina to swing, but the trade-off in damage is fairer than anything else during the early stages, until you gain access to better weapons. If you haven’t found the blueprint, you can loot the body of one of the psychos in the Lud’s Holm tower (where they’re holding a chef hostage).

Know Your Enemies

Almost anyone in We Happy Few can be an enemy, if you rub them the wrong way. Wear the wrong outfit or don’t greet people when they say hello and you’ll be accused of being a downer (which, uh, you are). But there are two main enemies you’ll want to avoid at the start.

Bobbies – During the day, they’re fairly harmless – so long as you’re playing by the rules. At night, these chaps are bloody ruthless, acting as sentries, with head-lamps to signal line-of-sight.

Suspicious Old Ladies – These are basically sirens. If you don’t blend in, the old dears will be the first to notice, and point you out to the rest of the vicious crowd. Whenever we passed an old lady, we always-always-always said hello to them, before moving away fast.

We Happy Few Compulsion Games Early Access Preview Xbox One PC Survival Simulator Bobbies

Read more in Part 1 and Part 2 right here.

What’s working for you in We Happy Few? We’d love to know. Drop a comment below or tell us your tips on Twitter and Facebook. Got something you want to know, just ask us.



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