Games with Gold September 2016 | Speed-run Reviews

So Major Nelson has revealed the Xbox Games with Gold September 2016 line-up. Always good news (if you like free stuff, anyway). Gamespulp speeds through and reviews of this month’s four titles to see if they’re worth taking up space on your hard drive.


Xbox One Games with Gold

Earthlock: Festival of Magic

September 1st to September 30th


What’s it all about? This one’s brand new, going GwG the day it’s released. It’s turn-based RPG – the kind you associate with Japan (arigatou, guys!) – with Scandinavian twist. So take control of some ‘toonish characters in a threatening, Technicolor world. Also comes complete with batteries levelling and crafting system, for added immersion! Apparently it ‘starts as a simple quest, but develops into a deeper journey.’ Intriguing.

Worth a download? Always worth giving an indie game a shot, especially fans of the genre. But judging by the word on the street, it’s aimed at a younger crowd.

Released 1st September, but at a guess…


Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China

September 16th to October 15th

What’s it all about? Ever wanted to sneakily stab people in 2.5D? Congratulations, we hope prison treats you well. Lose your face in a hood as the deadly assassin Shao Jung on – what else – a revenge mission, as you dodge the sight-lines of miserably murderous bastards. Or more likely, play seek-and-hide with them in ancient China, where apparently everyone’s a famous historical figure.

Worth a download?

It’s an enjoyable genre shift spin-off, and only partially a cash-grab. Sweet enough graphics, in a stylised comic book sort of way, although not as iconic as others in the 3-part series. Tries to keep up the fast-paced fluidity, but that’s a given for a game that would love to be Super Mario with daggers.



Xbox 360 Games with Gold

Forza Horizon

September 1st to September 15th

What’s it all about? Cars. Lots of cars. Hit the open road, Horizon is a lighter change of scenery from the mainline series, with just the right amount of realism in an arcade racer. What more do you want? Faff about with cars and stuff. It’s cool. You’ll like it. You can pretend to take your partner on a road trip, if you think that’s morally acceptable.

Worth a download? Not the worst Forza game. A solid entry with solid controls that’s great for rookies and good for pros.



Mirror’s Edge

September 16th to September 30th

What’s it all about? Free-running first-person platformer and real-life drug dealer sim set in the sleekly utopian dystopic City run by a corporate dictatorship. Written by Rhianna ‘Tomb Raider’ Pratchett, you take on the role of Faith, a black market courier who delivers shady packages via the rooftops while, you know, not being caught by political freaks.

Worth a download? Give this one a bash of you haven’t already. Feed your wish fulfilment with a real sense of freedom – a freedom you feel you’ve earned thanks to the challenge. The controls are only sometimes frustrating. Mirror’s Edge requires some real button ballet.



That’s what we reckon – how about you?

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