Esper: The Collection Release Will Head-Wreck You

Esper, the weird, Portal-ish puzzler, joins Esper 2 on Oculus Rift in discounted bundle Esper: The Collection.

The launch of Esper, the VR puzzler from Coatsink, on Oculus Rift comes with added mind-fuckery – The game’s sequel is bundled with it in Esper: The Collection (we like it name, it’s clean, adult and thoughtful and doesn’t contain adjectives like ‘Ultimate’). The bundle, on sale now, has a discount price on all platforms, just to make sure you get your ESP levels tested.

The series has a dystopic set-up: Remember back in Britain 1975, when some of Blighty’s limeys had an outbreak of extra-sensory powers? This is that very real, very true story. In a state of panic, the Government does what all panicked governments do – swallow the Orwellian pill. You’re then put through a series of tests to prove your telekinetic powers aren’t you’re not going to turn into Charles Xavier’s terrorist twin any time soon.

Its closest gaming cousin is Portal, from the oppressive FPS puzzle style to the stupidly splendid voice-acting, supplied by Sean Pertwee, Lara Pulver, Eric Meyers and Nick Frost in the sequel.

Know what Tom Beardmore, Coatsink’s CEO, said?

Both Esper and Esper 2 received a great reception on Gear VR last year, and that positive momentum only increased with the launch of Esper 2 on Occulus Rift. We’re excited to be brining Esper 1 to Rift so that players can experience everything Esper has to offer.

They must be pretty excited, because for the next 5 days, the bundle’s been given a 33% discount on Oculus Rift and a 50% on Gear VR. You can do the maths here, usual price for the Esper: The Collection is £10.99/€14.99/$14.99.

Bought Esper 2 back when it released in March and now slapping your goggled head in self-pitying fashion? Esper 2 owners will be automatically upgraded to the new ultimate ultra-platinum special collector’s edition collection, so you can play the first game for free.

Have you had your ESP levels tested yet? Let us know what you thought in the comments, or on Twitter and Facebook.


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