PlayStation Plus September 2016 | Speed-run Reviews

So the September 2016 PlayStation Plus line-up will be available to download on 6th September. But are they worth wasting valuable gigabytes on? Let’s take a quick look before you PS+ the hell out of them.

PlayStation PS+ Games

Lords of the Fallen


What’s it all about? Action RPG that wishes it was Dark Souls, with its considered CQC. Customize your character’s class, barrel through a tightly written tale and take on God’s devilish horde of invaders with melee weapons and wits (but mostly weapons).

Worth a download? Yes. Particularly if you dig on the Souls games, but also want to not hurl your controller out of frustration quite so much.




PS4, PS3

What’s it all about? You’re traveling across a desert, a mountain rises in the distance. How you reach your destination is your choice. There is only silence. Along the way, you might meet and assist other nameless players, communicating through chimes which only adds to the a changing atmosphere.

Worth a download? This is one of those games that proves indies are where the creativity is at (which we wrote about here). You need to take this journey.



Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands


What’s it all about? Classic Persian prince shenanigans. We’re back in a time when fantastical tales were true, as your weak-minded pal unleashes Solomon’s army of sand-buggers. They’re threatening to turn the world into sand statues. Because that’s exactly what the world needs. Guess who has to stop them…

Worth a download? If you must. There’s just enough fun to be had here to make it worth a quick blitz.





What’s it all about? How’s this for a set-up? You wake up in a forest, and you’re not sure why. So you start off on an adventure to explore this curious patch of land… Too bad the game’s not smart enough to run with that concept.

Worth a download? Only if you enjoy disappointment.




PS Vita, PS4, PS3

What’s it all about? Head into a beautifully well-realised woods with Clony, a blob of black who’s discovered bizarre and savage machines in the heart of the forest. Puzzle platformer with bang-on level design and clever ideas that keep it fresh.

Worth a download? Give it a whirl. Even though it’s one of those games that seems destined to sit in your digital pile of shame.



Amnesia: Memories

PS Vita

What’s it all about? Love sim visual novel, which makes a change, if nothing else. Play as a lass, woo a lad, and do it all while concealing your total lack of memory. Memento meets Bridget Jones. There are a few mini-games and you can quickly start obsessing over balancing your relationship in order to get a happy ending (just like real life!). The weaving narrative paths is pretty clever in that shallow Telltale sort of way, giving Amnesia: Memories offers a fait amount of replayability,

Worth a download? If this genre’s your bag or you fancy trying something that can loosely be described as ‘not Call of Duty’, then hit download.


Which ones will be hitting your hard drive this month? Let the world know in the comments, on Twitter and on Facebook.


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