Games with Gold October 2016 | Speed-run Reviews

Major Nelson has finally confirmed it, and despite rumours of Modern Warfare 2 and Skate 3 being part of the October Games with Gold, those titles haven’t made the cut. Let’s take a look at what’s been announced, and whether any of them are worth your time…

Xbox One Games with Gold

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings

October 1st – October 31st

What’s it all about? A professional sports simulator that accurately represents America’s national sport. Nah, just kidding. This is to baseball what Mario Kart is to racing: A fun and seriously accessible diversion that doesn’t take itself at all seriously, which, it turns out, just makes it even better.

Worth a download? Go on then. The 4-player local gameplay makes it worthwhile all on its own.



The Escapists

October 16th – November 15th

What’s it all about? Prison sucks, right? So break the hell out of just about every fiendish type of penitentiary going in this RPG strategy that started life as a crowdfunded indie game. Craft items, hide them from the guards, and get sucked into the soap opera lives of your fellow prisoners. Just don’t forget to make like Clint Eastwood in Alcatraz.

Worth a download? Probably. The 8-bit art style hides a deceptively in-depth game filled with enjoyable NPCs in an enjoyable world. But there are flaws here that may frustrate.



Xbox 360 Games with Gold

MX vs. ATV Reflex

October 1st – October 15th

What’s it all about? Bikey racery stuff. All the usual racing game chuff is here, so if it’s your bag, you’ll be in familiar territory, as you…motorcross about. Is that the right word? I don’t know, I don’t play racing games. Anyway, go motorcrossing!

Worth a download? Your shout, really. The control scheme, which uses both analogue sticks, provides an extra bit of immersion, but the physics and graphics don’t hold up very well these days.



I Am Alive

October 16th – October 31st

What’s it all about? Atmospheric post-apocalyptic survival actioner in which you gather supplies and scare cowards with guns – just like you would in a real apocalypse scenario! The game had a spotty development and suffered budget cuts, which you can feel throughout. But at least it does try to say something, to make you think, despite the surrounding despair, rather than make a play for the pretentiously moody Spider-man 3 vibe.

Worth a download? If you haven’t got much else on, then try it (but don’t hold your breath, it’s lengthy and repetitive). There are some nice ideas here, just not enough to sustain it. Besides, the whole post-apocalypse thing has been done better elsewhere.


Which ones will you be checking out? Sound off in the comments below, or let us know over on the gamespulp Twitter and Facebook.


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