PlayStation Plus October 2016 | Speed-run Reviews

Just days before they drop, Sony have released the list of October 2016’s PlayStation Plus games. Yay, nay or meh? Let’s quickly review what’s on offer before we can download ‘em on 4th October…

Resident Evil (PS4)

What’s it all about? Come on, you know what this is. A perfect reboot of the freakishly frightful house-bound survival horror, facing off against Romero-inspired zombies and bio-engineered monsters. Disappointingly, unlike the original, includes vaguely competent voice acting.

Worth a download? Hell yeah. Emphasis on hell.



Transformers: Devastation (PS4)

What’s it all about? I loved Transformers as a kid. Shit, yeah – giant robots turning into massive machines. Awesome, now buy me all the action figures. This hack-and-slash actioner brings all that back, featuring the same style of cartoon animation and all the characters you love. The major downside is, just like the TV show, it’s pretty short and leaves you wanting more.

Worth a download? Nostalgia alone could carry this game. Gameplay itself is repetitive though.



Mad Riders (PS3)

What’s it all about? Lightweight ATV racer that sees you collect coloured coins and perform a whole variety of tricks across a pretty generous 45 tracks. I’m a hardcore racer, but this is fairly adequate for the genre, with nothing you won’t have seen or played before (y’know, tournaments, multiplayer, solo races…).

Worth a download? Fun, but not that fun. As is often the case with these sort of games, there are better games in the genre (I always liked Motorcross Madness).



From Dust (PS3)

What’s it all about? Become God. Or a God, anyway, as you help a tribe by manipulating the world around them and helping them progress as a society while fending off natural disasters. I love these side-games Ubisoft create (Child of Light and Valiant Hearts still resonate with me), so set equivalent expectations, this is a pseudo-indie game here. Also good for those wishing to prove their divine God complex.

Worth a download? Who doesn’t want to play God now and then? Give it a shot, but don’t let the power go to your head.



Code: Realize – Guardian of Rebirth (PS Vita)

What’s it all about? Another one of those visual novels, its fluttering heart bleeding with romance. You meet a guy, a rogue if ever I saw one, and decide whether to date him one of the four other guys vying for your body attention. And that amazingly long and melodramatic title that pretty sets the tone for this Manga Mills & Boon read-a-thon.

Worth a download? If you’re into ‘em, go for it.



Actual Sunlight (PS Vita)

What’s it all about? Another visual novel that’s just about as different from Code: Realize as you can get. Prepare for a stark story about just how valueless life is, or feels sometimes. Arctic desolation leads to pitch black humour in this tale of adulthood and depression.

Worth a download? Do it. This is real life. Sort of.


Which of the PlayStation Plus October 2016 line-up have you played or will you be playing? Sound off in the comments, or let us know on Twitter and Facebook.




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