7 Days, 7 Stories: Top Gaming News Seen Elsewhere

As usual, it’s been a busy old week in gaming – hey, I ain’t complaining. Here’s the best stories seen over the last seven days.

Super Mario Bros. Speed-runner Beats World Record | YouTube

How quickly have you completed Super Mario Bros.? Whatever you said, it ain’t a patch on Darbian (unless you lied, obvs). This dude broke the world record for speed-running SMB, four days after the last time it was broken, completing the game in 4 minutes, 56 seconds and 878 miliseconds. I’ve had Pop Tarts that have lasted longer than that.

Phil Spencer Reckons Some Reviews Are Click-bait | Gamespot

Xbox’s top man was a little dismayed with the middling response to ReCore – but he told Gamespot that he reckons some of the reviews were intentionally bad to bring in the clicks (and the ad revenues, natch). Which might be true, when you consider I wrote an unpublished review of ReCore entitled ’15 Reasons ReCore Will Blow Your Tiny, Fragile Mind – You Won’t Believe What’s at Number 8!’

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is Happening | PC Gamer

After what seems like a million years (13, to be precise), Ubisoft confirmed that Beyond Good and Evil is finally getting a sequel. The genius behind the original, Michel Ancel is on board. Of course, BG&E2 is kinda like the fabled Half-life 3 of video games – if Half-life 3 wasn’t already the Half-life 3 of video games.

Gears of War is Getting a Movie | VG247

Everyone loves a movie based on a video game, right? They’re always so well made and faithful to the source material. So I foresee absolutely no issues with the news that Gears of War is getting a film made by Universal Studios. And rumour is it won’t be an adaptation of the games – because why would fans want to see that?

Gears of War Devs Discuss Gears 4 | Eurogamer

Speaking of Gears of War, it’s worth checking out this Eurogamer interview with Rod Fergusson, head of Gears dev The Coalition. Why not, what else you gotta do? Sleep? Play games? Read a book?!

Resident Evil VR Mode is a PlayStation 4 Timed Exclusive | Push Square

I love timed exclusives. The fewer people playing a game, the better as far as I’m concerned. OK, it’s not going to cause an uproar, since all gamers will be able to scare themselves effulent-less, but only PlayStation Pro folk will be enjoying that horrifically real experience in virtual reality. For a year, anyway.

Digital Homicide Commits Digital Suicide | Rock Paper Shotgun

The litigious two-man studio Digital Homicide have decided that, actually, it’s probably best not to knock about suing Steam users. Of course, it took Valve pulling their games from the store and calling the studio ‘hostile to Steam users.’ It reminds me of the time when… Actually, no, I can’t think of a single experience similar to this, it’s just that plain mad. The result? The devs reckon that Digital Homicide has been ‘destroyed.’

What are your favourite stories from this week in gaming? Or is it last week? Sound off in the comments or let me know on Twitter, and like the gamespulp Facebook for more wordy gamey stuff.



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