Games with Gold November 2016 | Speed-run Reviews

You want free shit? Or subscription-based extras, if we’re going to get technical (which we aren’t). Then rejoice, Xboxers – the November 2016 Games with Gold have been announced by Microsoft. But do any of them deserve a place in your collection and on your hard drive?

Xbox One Games with Gold

Super Dungeon Bros.

November 1st – November 30th

What’s it all about? Online/offline co-op dungeon brawler – that’s totally a genre, by the way. This is a super-tongue-in-cheek game, as you take on the role of one of four heavy metal-heads on a journey to plunder loot, kill demons and search for rock legends. Rock like the music, not geological formations, natch. There’s a proper emphasis on co-opping here too, with the devs highlighting tag team tactics. A nice little bonus is the weekly dungeons, that adds a little more gameplay spice.

Worth a download? The game’s released the day it goes to Games with Gold, but it looks damn fun, and you can’t beat a bit of offline co-op in this tragic one-game, one gamer world. A tentative ‘try it’.


Murdered: Soul Suspect

November 16th – December 15th

What’s it all about? A stealthy third-person mystery in which you take on the role of a recently deceased detective who’s not going to let the small matter of death get in the way of solving his own murder. It’s always nice to go huntin’ serial killers because, like Nazis, they’re soulless beasts who deserve everything they get (if by everything, you mean bullet to the head). So you set about tracking down the beast who’s slayed you and countless others, in order to join your already dead wife in the after-life. Because detectives have literally no luck in the world, apparently.

Worth a download? If you really, really have to, sure. But probably not. There was so much potential here, with an intriguing story, but the gameplay itself is an absolute waste of time.



Xbox 360 Games with Gold

Monkey Island: Special Edition

November 1st – November 15th

What’s it all about? The ultimate point-and-click adventure. Set sail for the Caribbean – or some warped version of it – to try your hand at becoming a pirate by solving puzzles and destroying ghosts, just like the real Blackbeard did! This is the definitive Lucas Arts game, with bags of piratical personality, jokes and breaking of the fourth wall, that’s influenced just about every game ever made (no surprise, really, since the original is 26 years old). The special edition version upgrades those blocky graphics and adds voice acting to replace the old-school on-screen text.

Worth a download? Stop reading. Start downloading.



Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

November 16th – November 30th

What’s it all about? Haven’t you ever wanted to live life like an over-the-top 1980s action hero? Of course you have. Blood Dragon  offers precisely that. A standalone game using the physics from the original Far Cry 3, this shooter features Michael ‘I was in Aliens and The Terminator’ Biehn as Sergeant Rex ‘Power’ Colt, a gun-toting hero who’s like Arnie, Sly and, well, Biehn, all rolled into one. Cue cheap one-liners, ridiculous deus ex machina and a completely over-the-top plot about stopping a mad scientist from destroying the world using dinosaur-like ‘blood dragons’.

Worth a download? Oh yes. It’s not the greatest FPS you’ll ever play, but it’s not supposed to be. It’s the gaming equivalent of a Hollywood popcorn movie – Pure, stupid escapism that’s not only fun, but knows exactly what it is. And if you grew up watching 80s actioners, it’s a must-play.


Which of these tops your Xbox Games with Gold this November? Sound off in the comments and let me know on Twitter, and head over to the gamespulp Facebook for the latest gamespulpin’ (it is a word, I promise).


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