So this is gamespulp…

Video games opinions and reviews.

This is gamespulp – Video games on the rocks.

Mostly fair-minded, occasionally foul-mouthed. I write about games I like, games I hate, the games industry and its marketing. The usual old bollocks, really.

Once upon a time (as all good stories start) I wrote movie trailers, articles and adverts. That PlayStation Home trailer, I co-wrote it, as well as the viral videos for Watchmen, the comic book movie everyone ignores. Way more impressively, I once completed the original Resident Evil in 1 hour 4 minutes.

Now I’m co-opping my way through videogamesland You won’t always agree with me, but then, why the hell should you?

What do you think?

…I think you want a whiskey. It’s worth +10XP.


Come co-op with gamespulp on Twitter and Facebook.


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