Why The Division Still Isn’t Dead (Yet)

What constitutes a dead game? How much of a player drop off do we need, how hands-off does a studio have to be before we bury the remains of a game deep in the New Mexican desert? To read gamespulp’s original thoughts on The Division’s future head over here. The Division has had a lot of…


Take Aim: Hitman’s Third Elusive Target Arrives in Sapienza Wednesday

Fans of IO Interactive’s episodic Hitman, steel yourselves. Your next elusive target will be in your sights this Wednesday. This time gamers will be tasked with taking out a prince in Hitman’s second map: the delightful coastal town of Sapienza. As with the previous two elusive targets, you get one shot – or stab, or…


Battleborn Double XP Weekend (And Why You NEED The New Free Character)

So Battleborn is getting its first round of DLC in a few days, and in addition to throwing a celebratory double XP weekend, players will also get a new healer – and that’s something we couldn’t be happier about. Not only because this DLC is totally free (Sort of, if you don’t have the season…

Overwatch FPS Blizzard Video Game

Overwatch Beta Had Almost 10 Million Heroes (But Was It a Real Beta?)

Overwatch has been causing a serious stir since it was first announced – and that stirring will only be stronger after the incredible success of Blizzard’s open beta. It was announced today that over 9.7 million players had a taste of the game during its extended open beta weekend. Gamers racked up a whopping 81…

Fallout 4 Far Harbor Trailer Bethesda

So Now Fallout 4’s Far Harbor Has New Trailer

So long world. Or Boston, anyway. Bethesda has released a sneak preview of the upcoming Far Harbor DLC. Sounds like a case for Nick Valentine…     Advertisements

Don't Kill Her Wuthrer Indiegogo Greenliight Indie Hand-drawn

Hand Drawn and Quartered: Don’t Kill Her Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Murder has never looked so sweet than in Don’t Kill Her. Now the indie game is seeking your support with an Indiegogo and Greenlight campaign to bring the game to players on PC and Mac. Don’t Kill Her, from indie dev Wuthrer, is a cutesy, quirky little platformer game with one major difference: You play…

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Captain Price

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Gets Remastered Edition – But Will New Game Remember Its Roots?

So by now we all know the name of the next installment in the Call of Duty franchise – Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Sounds like a comic book story arc gone badly wrong. And that, right there, is the real issue with the series. According to Eurogamer, included with the new will be a…