Why The Division Still Isn’t Dead (Yet)

What constitutes a dead game? How much of a player drop off do we need, how hands-off does a studio have to be before we bury the remains of a game deep in the New Mexican desert? To read gamespulp’s original thoughts on The Division’s future head over here. The Division has had a lot of…

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Battleborn vs Overwatch: Why They’re Totally Different

Hey, look at that, gamers divided into two tribes. You don’t see that every day. This time it’s over Battleborn and Overwatch, their similarities and differences (If there even are any).               TL;DR – Battleborn is to Overwatch what Battlefield is to Call of Duty. Read on to find out why. Battleborn is an intensely…

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Tales from the Borderlands Released on Disc (Or ‘We Don’t Like Episodic Games, But We’ll Defend Your Right to Play Them’)

Tales from the Borderlands, from Telltale Games, will be heading to physical media. The disc will be available exclusively from certain retailers (Everybody’s favourite store, Game, in the UK). The game received rave reviews when it was released back in 2014. It was funny, thrilling, everything you’d want from a mash-up between episodic kings Telltale…


Why The Division Isn’t Dead

Funny how studios can exploit gamers, but when gamers exploit video games… Tom Clancy’s The Division has had some pretty bad press since Update 1.1 hit. Vanishing characters, sticky grenade screw ups, gamers tumbling through the environment, glitches, exploits and issues in Incursions. Little bastards slapping their over-inflated Gear Score in your masked face. So…


10 Great Blink-and-You’ll-Miss-It Moments in Xbox One’s Quantum Break

Time travel is a pretty serious business, right? But that doesn’t mean you have to retain that stuff upper lip all the way through. These are 10 great blink-and-you’ll-miss-them moments in Quantum Break that show that Sam Lake and the crew at Remedy Entertainment have a seriously wicked sense of humour. 1. Inspiration for Time…