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Pokemon Go Android iOS WIndows Phone Nintendo Niantic Labs Mobile Game App

Pokémon Go Has a Big Problem (Or Dude, Where’s My Gameplay?)


PlayStation 4 Sony Microsoft Xbox One Console War

How to Lose a Console War


Rockstar Red Dead Redemption John Marston Single Player Multiplayer

Rockstar: Please Fix Red Dead Redemption’s Broken Multiplayer


Call of Duty dying out multiplayer sci-fi

Is Call of Duty Really Dying Out?


Xbox One Phil Spencer Project Scorpio Next Generation Console Versions

Is Xbox Scorpio a Next-Gen Console?



Why The Division Still Isn’t Dead (Yet)

What constitutes a dead game?

Battleborn Thorn Marquis Sniper Archer

Battleborn vs Overwatch: Why They’re Totally Different

Two crazy similar games are absolutely dissimilar.

Twitch fl0m Counter Strike Counter Offensive

Windows 10 Crashes Pro-Gamer’s Twitch Stream (But Should We Care?)

Windows 10 claims another victim. World keeps turning.



Are Indie Games Leading Us into the Modern Age of Gaming?

It’s an art form, all right?


Tales from the Borderlands Telltale Games Episodic Gaming

Tales from the Borderlands Released on Disc (Or ‘We Don’t Like Episodic Games, But We’ll Defend Your Right to Play Them’)

The real problem with episodic games is… [Continued in episode 2]


Fallout 4 mods Xbox One PS4

Even Xbox One and PS4 Mods Can’t Solve the Real Problem with Fallout 4

Boston, we have a problem.


Shahid Kamal Ahmad PS4 XBox One Backwards Compatibility

Is Ex-Sony Man Right About Xbox One and PS4 Backwards Compatibility? We’re Not Convinced

Is backwards compatibility just backwards-looking?


Quantum Break Remedy Xbox One

Quantum Break: Ground-Breaking But No Game-Changer

No time to change the world.


Resident Evil Main

Where Resident Evil Went Wrong

This Resident Evil game should come with a health warning.



Why The Division Isn’t Dead

Only one side can exploit the other – that’s the real Division.


Batman Main

Why the Batman Arkham Trilogy Deserves a Remaster

Games Pulp are Rocksteady ready for the Arkham trilogy remaster. Here’s why.